Learn Photography

Whether you’re an enthusiast interested in digital photography for casual recreation or keen to channel your passion for the image capture art form to complement random projects; this short course is perfect for you. As a progressive photographer wishing to develop your confidence, and know-how, Shola Creative Studio Photography Part Time Course will equip you with basic knowledge of your camera's capabilities whilst building hands-on experience capturing images under a range of conditions.
Ideal for hobbyist photographers and those looking to actively enhance their digital photography know-how, our immersive short course is also a great pathway for those considering Diploma in Photo Imaging. The program format is well designed to allow you to squeeze in pursuing your passion for photography.

You'll be taught and encouraged to develop your know-how across:
Basic DSLR use
Exposure and Composition
Working with Light
Working across a range of conditions
Post Production

The Course Content includes
Use of your DSLR
Understanding Exposure
Understanding Composition
Working with different light
Post Production techniques

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this photography course, you just need a keen interest - and be prepared for random self-inflicted photographic experiment! If you're passionate for the digital photography craft and keen to explore your equipment and capabilities, this is all the motivation you'll need. Creative ability is not required for this short course either - the course has been designed to enhance your photography know-how so you can explore more. Our Creative Digital Photography program is perfect for beginners of all ages and interest areas, and your short course study experience will help you to begin creating a professional portfolio.




Basic Training
- How to handle camera
- Basic Snapping

2 Months

=N= 50,000

Amateur Photography Training
- How to handle camera
- Working with light
- Direct postures
- Exposure and composition

4 Months

=N= 100,000

Professional Photography
- How to handle camera
- Working with light
- Direct postures
- Exposure and composition
- Working across a range of conditions
- Post Production
- Product Shot
- Event Coverage and more..

6 Months

=N= 150,000